Terms & Conditions


Real Estate Photography Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing us to handle your real estate marketing!  Please read the terms and conditions below.


Service Agreement & INfo

All orders must be placed & paid for 48 hours in advance of appointment.

Shoots will be scheduled between 9 am and 3 pm Monday to Friday.  There will be an additional charge for shoots on Saturdays between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 

"Room" count - includes all bedrooms plus any additional rooms like dens, lofts, offices, second kitchens, theater  rooms, etc.    Each home is assumed to have a living room, dining room, and  kitchen.  These 3 rooms DO NOT count toward the room count.  So if you have a house with 5 bedrooms, a sunroom, loft, office, and home theater room- this home's room count would be 9 rooms.  

Photos will be processed and returned within 2 business days, via Dropbox link (or google upon request). *Rush delivery is available for a fee.  Add to your cart under the UPGRADES section.  (rush delivery does not apply to virtual staging, or images that require blue sky or grass replacement) 

Images will be in Web Quality format.  Print quality images are available upon request.

5 exterior photo option for $50 must not require a key for entry.

Amenity and Subdivision photos for Sea Colony, Bayside, Ocean Pines & Bear Trap are available for download for an additional fee.  *coming soon.   

Agent is responsible for the staging of the properties.  Photographer will only turn on lights and open blinds/curtains, but will not move furniture or cushions, or open hurricane shutters, or do any type of staging. This is absolutely mandatory for twilight photography, which requires all interior lights to be on and working plus any additional landscaping lighting and pool lighting, PRIOR to the scheduled shoot time.

Twilight photos are weather dependent and we reserve the right to reschedule.    We can not reschedule once we arrive on site.

Add-on Service Info

UPGRADES- per property, please add to your cart along with your order.  Available upgrades are RUSH delivery and Saturday/Turnover day shoots.

Rush delivery does not apply to virtual staging, or images that require blue sky or grass replacement

Blue Sky, Green Grass and Virtual Staging are only available as upgrades to HDR photography.

Drone Photos and videos can only be shot on days with winds below 12 MPH.  We reserve the right to reschedule due to weather and wind.

Drone photos will be processed and returned within 2 business days, videos within 4 business days.

Twilight photos are weather dependent and we reserve the right to reschedule.  Twilight photo shoots require staging and that is the agent's responsibility to provide.  All the interior and exterior lights need to be on and bulbs must be checked in advance.  We can not reschedule once we arrive on site.COPYRIGHT & licensing INFORMATION


All photography & media  on this website, and photography or videography produced for a client who purchased a service from Krista Valliant Photography is the property of Krista Valliant.  

Buy purchasing a service from Krista Valliant Photography you (licensee) are agreeing to the following copyright and licensing agreement.  All photography or other artistic media is property of Krista Valliant (licensor)

This agreement between licensor and licensee is non-exclusive. The licensor is free to enter into separate license agreements with third parties interested in using the same photographs.

By this agreement, the licensor allows the licensee to use, display, or publish the photography & media in any commercial, personal, non-profit or editorial projects involving advertising, print media, web site publication, or broadcast as chosen by the licensee.  This usage will be limited to the duration of the specific property's active listing agreement for Real Estate Photography. This includes condo or mulitiple-unit building interior and exterior common areas and amenities. (you can not share or re-use photos for different units in a condo or multiple unit building without express permission from Krista Valliant Photography, licensing fees may apply).  This license is not transferrable to a third party.  

Krista Valliant remains the sole owner of the image’s copyright. No transfer of intellectual property is made by this agreement.

By ordering a service on this website you are willingly entering into this agreement. 

If you would like to purchase an exclusive license to use our photos, please email us.